Dwarf goats

In 2004 we bought two pregnant dwarf goats (Bella and Evita van de Viermorgen) from Peter Blok in Bennekom. These goats were registered in the herd-book, which made us decide to participate in the herd-book NFD as well and we registered the stable name “Het Bovenveen”. These two goats are still present at our farm and the ancestresses from our 2 breeding lines. 

Bella Evita
Our goats are certified free from CAE, CL and brucellose. We need this certification to allow them to be kept together on one farm with our maedi-visna free sheep.
As we selected on colour we now have a mixture of various colours: brown, chocolate brown, black, brown with dots, brown dalmatian patterned, black dalmation patterned and brown & tan.
We breed with 10 goats and at giving birth it is always exciting to be surprised by the colours of the lambs. Pictures of the newborns are to be seen at the page of "new crop".
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