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Stable "Het Bovenveen"
Joining the herd-book of dwarf goats is associated with a stable name. This is then called the family-name of the goats. Because of the fact that peat has been dug in front of our house, the buildings are now a few meters above the peat land, that’s why we called our stable “Het Bovenveen”, which means “Above the peat”. At 5.5 acres around our house we keep about 45 sheep and 10 dwarf goats. Our sheep are free of maedi-visna and the rams we use have the ARR/ARR scrapie-status. For our goats we are certified Brucellose, CAE and CL free. 

                                                                                            Remember the old days: 1989 De Bulten, Wezep

In 1980 everything started with holding some Dutch polder sheep, but soon they were replaced by better onces. In 1982 we joined the NTS (Dutch Texel breeding organisation) with farm number 4598, and in 1983 the first lambs were registered in the flock book. 
In 1998 we started seriously with breeding, after we had some ewes to mate to ram 4030-1980. This worked so well that in 1999 we bought this ram, which had the highest predicate a ram can get “preferente ram”.  
In the same year we used ram
156-146, that got the same high predicate.       


The first years we pioneered with sheep from several breeders, until 1991. At that time we bought 3 ewes from breeder Zandman at Den Ham, including ewe 1709-206***, f. 4030-400 preferent, ff 4030-200 , m. 1709-084***, mf. 4030-35150P, mm. 4030-22293**. The 3 ewes were pregnant from 3881-685, bred by Van Ark, and brought up 7 ewe lambs. Amongst these were nr. 4598-104 and 4598-105 from ewe 1709-206 ***.

Out of this ewe 4598-105 our first A-ewe is born in 1995 (4598-196, daughter of ram 282-1672 bred by Van de Weij).

Ewe 1709-206 *** with a litter size of 8x16 has become the ancestress from our 1st breeding line.

Our 2nd line comes out of the stable of Ben Kouters in Elst. In 1993 we bought 5 lambs from him. Amongst these there was one that descended the others: 2216-175, f. 4030-1289, m. 2216-142, mm 4030-906. This ewe gave in 5 times 13 lambs and comes from the so-called “Pronk Line” of Cees Kikkert at Texel. 

A daughter of ewe 2216-175 (nr. 4598-292) was almost 9 years when she became an A91-ewe. Father of 4598-292 is 4598-232, son of 4030-1781, whose father was A-ram 4030-1289.

The 3rd line comes from breeder Henk Ankersmit at Dalfsen. In 2003 his farm became scrapie-free, which gave us the possibility to buy a number of ARQ/ARR sheep from his A-ewe line 1248-250 (f. 4030-520, 88-89). This A-ewe is the ancestress of up to 8! successive A-ewes.

                                          Photo: Het Schaap 97/10

Besides these 3 lines, we have several ewes coming from above breeders.



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