January 2015: yearly inspection for the flockbook
Hans te Mebel inspected our sheep for the flockbook, which had the following result:
3 ewes got 86 points for general appearance
6 ewes got 87 points
7 ewes got 88 points
3 ewes got 89 points
1 ewe got 90 points, ewe nr. 4598-71405 is a daughter of 1248-18220 (GA 89 - breed by H. Ankersmit) and
1 ewe got 91 points, ewe 4598-71261 is a daughter of ram 829 (GA 90)

Nr. Head Dev.. Musc.. Prop.. Type Legs. Fleece GA Height Depth Length
4598-71444 85 89 86 86 86 84 86 87 66 32 76
4598-71399 87 87 88 88 88 87 87 88 65 32 72
3938-75033 88 90 89 89 89 84 87 88 70 36 80
June 2013: Patsy is born
Our goat Patty gave birth for the first time, this resulted in a female goat: Patsy. See the picture at the tab "new crop".
April - May 2013: our first goats got lambs
In total we got 7 lambs (four of a kind, twin and a single). For pictures see "new crop".
February - March 2013: our sheep have given birth
Our sheep have given birth and we got a lot of lambs. Some pictures are shown on the page "new crop". Owing to the weather conditions they still are inside. First there was no grass, afterwards too cold, then the grass was too long and we first had to make hay of it. Now we have to wait for the new grass to come, then they finally can go outside.
January 2013: our sheep have been inspected for the flock book
Hans te Mebel inspected our sheep with the following results:
3 ewes 86 points for general appearance
4 ewes 87 points
5 ewes 88 points
1 ewe 89 points
2 ewes 90 points; ewe 4598-1084 is a daugther from ram 4252-1338 (general appearance 91 points - breeder A. Zee) and ewe 4598-1154 is a daugther from our ram 829 (general appearance 90 points).

The rams have been validated as follows:
1248-18220: 89 for musculation and 89 for general appearance
3938-74802: 87 for musculation and 87 for general appearance
4598-71210: 87 for musculation and 86 for general appearance (heterozygoot boroola-gen)
October 2012: our sheep are mated
Our sheep are mated with the rams. On the page "rams used" you will find the details and pictures of the rams used. Click on the number of the ram in order to get the pedigree certificate.

Lucky Luuk joins our goats
For fresh blood in our herd we bought a nice young camel coloured buck.

September 2012: mother of 1248-18220 validated with A92 at the autumn inspection of the flock book
Ewe1248-18202, mother of our ram 1248-18220, has been validated for the breeder Henk Ankersmit in Dalfsen with the following gradiation bar:
head dev. musc. prop. type legs fleece genearal
92 92 89 91 92 87 89 92
Show in Ermelo was successfull for us, we got the following prices
1A for ram 4598-1000
1A for ram 1248-18220, and champion young rams and overall champion of the day
1A for couple of 2 ewe lambs
1A for couple of 3 ewe lambs
1A for yearling ewe with 2 lambs
1B for ram 4598-829 and championship in reserve for old rams
1B for elder ewe with 2 lambs
1B for couple of 3 ram lambs
1C for couple of 3 ram lambs
1E for couple of 2 ram lambs
2 ram lambs in the selection of the 5 best
4 ewe lambs in the selection of the 5 best
It was a very nice day!
Result of the show for Texelaars in Ermelo on August 11th 2012
For the total results of the show in Ermelo click here, you will get 2 pages. 
May 2012: ram 1248-18220 has been bought from breeder Henk Ankersmit
The lambs of this ram, grandson of 4598-829, were so charming, that we decided to buy "the other half" of this ram as well. 8 yearling ewes brought 11 lambs of this ram. Click here for the pedigree certificate.
April/May 2012: our goats have given birth
Black Beauty started and brought 6 days too early one female and one male goat. A picture is shown uder "new crop". Afterwards we got another 18 lambs of our goats.
March - april 2012: most lambs are born
In the meantime most sheep have given birth. We got a lot of lambs and we are lucky not to have met the problems of the Schmallenbergvirus.
For the first pictures see "new crop".
February 2012: yearly registration for the flock book
On February 9th Hans te Mebel has done the yearly registration of our ewes and rams with the following result: 
1 ewe got 86 points for general appearance 
3 ewes 87 points
8 ewes 88 points
3 ewes 89 points 
2 ewes 90 points; fathers of these 2 A-ewes are respectively ram 829 and 1338.

Ram 4598-1000 got the following points:
head dev. musc. prop. type legs fleece general appearance height depth length
88 88 90 87 88 84 87 88 67 35 84

Ram 3938-802:
head dev. musc. prop. type legs fleece general appearance height depth length
87 86 89 87 87 82 88 87 62 31 72

Ram 4598-1212 (with heterozychoot Boroola-gen):

head dev. musc. prop. type legs fleece general appearance height depth length
85 87 88 87 87 86 87 87 63 32 74

December 2011: our goats are mated
We used 5 male goats to mate our 11 dwarf goats, so it will be a surprise to see their lambs. We hope to welcome them beginning May 2012.
August 2011: Show of our district in Ermelo

On saturday August 13th we hoped to participate in the show of our district with our sheep, but unfortunately our lambs got ecthyma, so we could not participate. We subscribed:
2x 2 ram lambs
1x 3 ram lambs
1x 2 yearling ewes (father 4598-829)
1x 3 yearling ewes (father 4598-829)
1x 4 yearling ewes of the same father (4598-829)
You are welcome!
January 2011: Registration for the flockbook
On January 26th Hans te Mebel has inspected our sheep for registration in the flock book.
Ram 4598-1000 got 87 points for outward appearance and 88 for muscularity. His sizes are as follows: heigth 65, depth 33, length 79.
Ram 4598-1050 got 88 points for outward appearance and 88 as well for muscularity. His sizes are as follows: heigth 71, depth 37, length 87.

Furthermore 26 ewes have been registrated, of which 2x 85, 4x 86, 6x 87, 7x 88, 7x 89 and 1x 90 points. The blood line of the A-ewe (4598-864, mother of ram 1000) starts with ewes bred by Henk Ankersmit and our ewe is the 7th ewe in a row at the mother-line, which has been registrated with the predicate A (90 or more points for outward appearance). 
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